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Let’s Party Together! / ¡Celebremos juntos!

Vibrant & lively wedding entertainment that gets everyone on the dance floor.

You want your wedding day to be a blend of unforgettable experiences that celebrate the best of both of you, and the heritage you care so deeply about. Create a true unifying experience with party roaring wedding entertainment from Soto’s Entertainment!

When you choose us for your wedding, you will get energetic and attentive DJ’s and emcees behind the mic who will set the stage for a truly vibrant and lively wedding experience. Even grandparents can’t help but let their skills loose on the dance floor!

You deserve a wedding day that celebrates not only you, but your families and friends who have shaped you into the people you are today. Create an atmosphere that sets the stage for two families to become one with music that you love – contact us today to make your wedding the event that everyone keeps talking about!

Let’s Party Together! / ¡Celebremos juntos!

Four steps to get everyone together on the dance floor...


Schedule a phone or video call and tell us about what songs you can’t wait to see both of your families dancing to at your wedding.


We'll guide you to create the right entertainment experience for your event whether you need a DJ, MC, Photobooth, Live Entertainment or combined services. ***Latino DJ and MC available***


One -on-one consultation 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding to design your itinerary making sure that every special moment of your day has that perfect musical punctuation.


Have a blast at your wedding bringing everyone together on the dance floor. Creating unforgettable memories.


Here is what our couples are saying...

Steffen Soto

About Us

Hi, I am Steffen Soto. My company Soto’s Entertainment has been established since 1993 in the Carolinas with a common goal: Vibrant & lively wedding entertainment that gets everyone on the dance floor.

You are our priority as we design every special moment of your day with that perfect musical punctuation.

My passion as a DJ and Emcee started in 1989 in Tampa, Florida. We bring multicultural entertainment flavor to the Carolinas with our trusted and dedicated professional team.

Meet our team!

Let’s party together! / ¡Celebremos juntos!

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